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Modalities - Astrology, Numerology, Dowsing, Palmistry, Numerology

Current Moon Phase

First Quarter Moon
First Quarter Moon

The moon is currently in Scorpio
The moon is 9 days old

Divination is a form of prediction-based practice, that can vary from astrology to tarot card reading to tea leaf reading. Innumerable methods of divination can be found around the world, and many cultures practice the same methods under different names. One time of divination is pendulum prediction. The pendulum can vary from wood to precious stone on a chain. The prediction form for pendulum in form of yes and no answers, which differs from tarot card reading, where instead of getting yes or no answers, the client receives answers to questions on the present or near present to help them make decisions. In divination, it is extremely important to remember to keep one’s questions short and simple or attempt to break down big questions into shorter ones to get accurate answers, rather than keep them long and vague. These forms of divination often help a client make decisions with their life path that will lead to the best positive outcome rather than make broad long-term predictions

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Astrology is a form of divination that studies the influence of astronomical objects and their positions and how these effects the person born at that time. It can be read in the form of a chart or the more common sun-sign astrology. Technically, it is a form of correlation, a simple statistical tool, used to understand different events and their co-existence. This form of divination can help provide answers to those who haven’t received any so far with regard to their lives, or the loves of their loved ones. An astrological chart is, in its more simplistic form, a map of the skies during the birth of the client. It is used to explain the events that have occurred and how these events can be predestined for the client. Astrology is not used as a means to pass off blame, rather a way to identify the cause of events and then deal with them appropriately.

Palmistry, also known as Chiromancy, is a popular form of counselling and guided self-analysis. A session usually consists of analysing the physical aspects of one’s palm, which may include, the shape of the hand, texture of hands, the formation of fingers, lines and markings on the palm and positions of certain mounts on the palm. Through a study of these features, the practitioner can describe the aspects of the client’s life – past, present, character, career and much more.

Numerology is the study and analyses of numbers to uncover information about your life or the world around you and looking into combinations of the same to see how you can benefit the client. It is very similar to Astrology except it focuses on Numbers as its modality. It builds on ideas like life plan number, master number etc. One’s Life Path number is also known as your soul contract, which is representative of what you are required to learn in this life to grow and prosper. Each number holds a certain vibration and this vibration is responsible for certain characteristics, charms and mannerisms in the individual it is assigned to. Once this number is identified you can, with the help of a trained practitioner, make predictions or rationalise outcomes. As with all energy, there is a spectrum of expression and manifestation. In your journey of becoming, the embodiment of your Life Path number energy will shift and evolve.

Tarot card reading, as is popularly believed is not simply a method of divining the future, rather it gives a prediction of the outcomes that one’s life may lead to. There are two major forms of tarot card reading. One requires the client to prepare detailed questions which is called targeted tarot card reading, this method lets the person choosing the cards, guide the divination to a certain direction, and figure out if the specific steps taken by them so far for the desired outcome are in fact necessary, or if they need to be amended. The other form of Tarot is Open tarot card reading, Open readings address the larger aspects of your life rather than a specific problem area or question. They’re usually done when you’re entering a new phase of life, graduating from college or starting a family etc. This form of reading can be guided as well but remains more generic as it is important to cover more areas and their integration with one another.

Pendulum Dowsing

Clairvoyance, Clair-audience, Clair-sentience and Clair-cognizance are different ways to retrieve messages from the Universe