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Holistic healing is the art and science of healing that addresses the whole person – mind, body and spirit. As a practitioner of holistic healing, I integrate conventional and alternative therapies to prevent and treat disease, and most importantly, to promote optimal health. I invite you to join me on this wonderful journey of healing.


What our Customers Say

  • Neeru Malik Avatar Neeru Malik

    Knowledge is something which is abundant for astrology, Crystal therapy, vastu shastra Tec. Anything related to astrology with solutions is available here. Highly recommended !!

    Naveen Raina Avatar Naveen Raina

    Fountain of positive energy flows in heal every nerve it's a must visit

    Ajeet Singh Avatar Ajeet Singh
  • Ajay is one of the most humble person I have come across, he has immense knowledge in what ever he does, someone to whom we can share and be rest assured, a genuine person to the core

    Sabik Chandra Avatar Sabik Chandra

    Vimukti and Ajay Sir I have known from past two or more years ,its been a endless journey of understanding, love and kindness that's been showered on me and my son by Ajay Sir and his family ,I met sir randomly by a friend since then till date I totally can discuss any of my worries without much of hay with him,He is not only my mentor or guide but someone I can trust blindly ,I have learned my reiki two levels from sir ,then I have done mind magic workshop which not only opened my perspective regarding how powerful is our beautiful mind is but it also taught me how our subconscious mind works and how we can train it through different practices taught by sir during the course,then I have done Angel's workshop since then till date I'm connected with Angel's and its absolutely blissfull experience which I can't mention in words or i would words wont do any justice how I feel about them. Thank you Ajay Sir for being my mentor and guide and thank you for accepting me as I'm. Thanks And Regards SEEMA BHASKAR

    Seema bhaskar Avatar Seema bhaskar

    Excellent place to buy crystals and getting guidance about them..!

    Madhu Tangri Avatar Madhu Tangri
  • Most Accurate and Genuine Forecasts. Ajay ji is Brilliant n his remedies are simple, doable n effective.

    rishi agarwal Avatar rishi agarwal

    Ajay is an amazing guy. Positive and helpful. And great with his recommendations

    Udayan Dravid Avatar Udayan Dravid

    Bhavna Chawla Avatar Bhavna Chawla
  • Beautiful soul to seek divine guidance from; miraculous astrological predictions with precise datelines. . Trust me, a visit is a must !! God bless you Atma.

    Jagriti Shivpuri Avatar Jagriti Shivpuri

    I have visited Ajay on many occasions. All sessions and readings were fabulous. What was the most unforgettable was my first hypnotherapy session. Mind blowing breakthrough..all the best!

    gia kler bhatia Avatar gia kler bhatia

    Since my association with Vimukti, I have felt a sense of confidence in life. The accuracy of life charts and the therapy advised has worked wonders. Thanks a lot!

    Amy Ujjaini Avatar Amy Ujjaini
  • Good knowledge of occult sciences. A very good aura reader, a very good healer and has the ability to read horoscope by conventional Parashari system and KP system too. I have been there many times and came back impressed each time.

    Parveen Khurana Avatar Parveen Khurana

    Very good experience and a long association with Vimukti. I have learnt so much here. Supportive , empathetic and a task master when required 🙂 Gratitude for all times you have been there for me. Wish you great success !!! Highly recommended association Thank you 🙏

    Nat- Tv Avatar Nat- Tv

    Being here is a helpful and soothing experience.

    Vaishali Dobhal Avatar Vaishali Dobhal
  • Nitesh Verma Avatar Nitesh Verma

    I visited Vimukti for Bach flower therapy. Due to multiple changes in my personal and professional life I was feeling stressed and suffering from anxiety. The Bach flower therapy really helped me feel calm, and deal with the uncertainties and changes I was going through. I will highly recommend Vimukti for people who are dealing with emotional issues.

    Shweta Chaudhury Avatar Shweta Chaudhury

    Mr. Ajay is very knowledgable regarding crystals and crystal healing. He's very helpful too in recommending the right course of treatment. In my case he gave bach flower remedies and crystals together and I saw positive results in a month's time.He's also done long distance healing for my family which have benefited them a lot.

    Sangeeta Bhardwaj Avatar Sangeeta Bhardwaj
  • Have know Ajay and Mukta for about an year and what a marvelous journey has it been so far... They have helped me immensely with various aspects of life and im grateful for their help. I would recommend Vimukti to one and all.

    Purva Passi Avatar Purva Passi

    I had been visiting Moksa since 2014 for crystal solutions, so have known Ajay and Mukta for a long time now. Vimukti is a great initiative taken by them extending the services to therapies, energy healings, astrology, Bach flower remedies, Astrology and Vaastu consultations and much more. I've not just benefitted from energy healings myself but also for my family members. We recently also started with Bach flower remedies. Ajay and Mukta are knowledgeable, genuine, ethical and passionate about helping people overcome their obstacles and healing them. I recommend them to everyone who I know can benefit from the services offered at Vimukti. If you are looking for energy medicine, natural remedies and astrology/palmistry/Vaastu and other allied services I would recommend Vimukti 200%.

    Manisha Sharma Avatar Manisha Sharma

    Going to Vimukti is a wonderful experience and I always return feeling better and healed. Thank you Ajay for always being there to listen and solve my problems.

    Ratee Prasad Avatar Ratee Prasad
  • Pradipta Bhattacharya Avatar Pradipta Bhattacharya

    rashmmi gaur Avatar rashmmi gaur

    The therapy and talks are solution to anxiety. The guidance given by through reading of astrological charts definitely helps you solve dilemma and give you much more clarity on desicion making. It's not a commercial place which is intended to make money but a genuine intent to help people guide them in life.

    samiksha bhardwaj Avatar samiksha bhardwaj
  • We think Ajay is family. His knowledge has no boundaries. Healing gives me positive energy. Whatever be the issue we know Ajay has a solution for it. Astrology is difficult but he ensures we come out of every difficult situation. Thank you Ajay.

    Barnali Roy Avatar Barnali Roy

    Very knowledgeable. Helps with proper directions. Shows the ways to manage life and helps in understanding the planetary effects properly. The mastery on crystals and astrology is great !!! Highly recommended !!!

    Vibha Kaw Avatar Vibha Kaw

    Sweety Dewan Avatar Sweety Dewan
  • Ajayji has excellent knowledge of his craft. Have known him for 6 years & he has always been there to guide me through.

    Kajal Raisinghani Avatar Kajal Raisinghani

    Ajay's knowledge combined with his compassion makes him the best.

    Sonia B Wadhwa Avatar Sonia B Wadhwa

    He is in depth knowledge about crystal, Healing, astrology. His healing are powerful.And wonderfully joins the dotes with different modalities..

    Ashwini Bhave Avatar Ashwini Bhave

An Intuitive Healer, Astrologer, Palmist, Bach Flower therapist, Hypnotherapist who empathizes with your issues/problems and give simple and effective solutions. 

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One stop shop for your holistic needs like astrology, healing, hypnotherapy, bach flower remedies or vaastu. We are very passionate and serious about what we do, and we strive to give the best to our clients.




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